Most Active Lutheran Churches in the U.S

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Strong Lutheran tradition in the U.S Given that the most numerous European migrants to the U.S after the British and the Irish were the Germans it should not be too much of a surprise that there is a strong Lutheran tradition in the country. Most of the German migrants were Lutheran, and whenever they the … [Read more…]

Lutheran Churches with impressive architectural structures


Lutheran churches with medieval roots When the Lutheran faith began in Germany after 1517 it took over some already impressive Roman Catholic churches. Well they were impressive in terms of architectural structures. The Lutheran confession was strongest in Northern Germany especially in Saxony at its starting point. So the Lutherans took over impressive churches such … [Read more…]

A Brief History About Martin Luther


Martin Luther’s Early Life On 10 November 1483 in the town of Eisleben, Saxonay located in South East Germany Martin Luther was born to parents Hans and Margarette Luther. Although of peasant linage, Hans had been a succeeded as a miner and was able to move the family to Mansfield, a nearby town where we … [Read more…]

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